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A host of delightful gigs coming up 2018 !


Here is what we have lined up from now through to October next year

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Saturday 7th April 2018 The Lowest Pair

Saturday 21st April 2018  Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton

Friday 27th April 2018  Woody Pines

Friday 11th May Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra

Friday 18th May 2018 Snuffbox

Friday 2th Oct 2018 The Jenny Sturgeon Trio


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The Lowest Pair
Saturday 7th April 2018
Live at Glenbuchat Hall
Entrance £10 under 16's free
To reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303

Kendl Winter, born in Arkansas, moved to Olympia, Washington after high school, drawn to the evergreen forests and the lively and thriving music scene. She put three solo records out on Olympia’s indie label, K Records, and performed in nationally-touring northwest string bands before beginning The Lowest Pair in 2013 with Palmer T. Lee. Palmer built his first banjo when he was 19 from pieces he serendipitously inherited. Shortly after deciding songwriting would be the most effective and enjoyable medium for his musings, he began cu...
tting his teeth fronting Minneapolis string bands and touring the midwest festival circuit, which is where he and Kendl first met, on the banks of the Mississippi.
“Both of us studied roots music and traditional banjo techniques, three finger and clawhammer. We started there and then from our understanding of them have diverged, perhaps because of our own limitations, and probably because we both tend to err on creative. Even when we are attempting to recreate old sounds, we can’t help but have our own twist on it. We approach our instruments as vehicles to explore poetry, song, and melody and have kind of been making up our own sounds in the places where we couldn’t find ones that seemed to fit or make sense to us. We recorded our first album (36cents) in Dave Simonett’s basement a month after we began playing together, and our second (The Sacred Heart Sessions) , a year later, in a beautiful old church in Duluth, MN.” -Kendl
With their bare-bones instrumentation and country-inspired,

“Incredibly atmospheric”
– Julian Piper, Acoustic magazine

heartstring-tugging narratives, The Lowest Pair might be
one of the best under-the-radar Americana duos today."
-PASTE MAGAZINE, Hillary Saunders

"Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee write about living and dying
the way you'd write about waiting for a cake to bake."
-Daytrotter, Sean Moeller



Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton

Live at Glenbuchat Hall
Saturday 21st April
Entrance £10 under 16's free
To reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303

  BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 'Best Duo' 2017

Ross and Ali met at the Vale of Atholl pipe band when they were 12 years old. The boys were guided by one of the most influential pipers in the last 30 years Gordon Duncan.

Gordon instilled a great passion in the guys for playing pipes with other instruments and they have gone on to play in many leading Scottish bands including Treacherous Orchestra, Old Blind Dogs, Salsa Celtica, Dougie Maclean, Shooglenifty.

After all the years playing in different set ups Ross and Ali have decided to work on a duo album which was launched in Glasgow (Scotland) at Piping Live 2016 to critical acclaim.



 Woody Pines

Live at Glenbuchat Hall
Friday 27th April
Entrance £10 under 16's free
To reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303

  If you’re wondering where the music of Nashville troubadour WOODY PINES comes from, look to the streets. It was on the streets as a professional busker that Woody first cut his teeth, drawing liberally from the lost back alley anthems and scratchy old 78s of American roots music, whether country blues, jugband, hokum, or hillbilly. Heavy rollicking street performances are the key to some of today’s best roots bands, like Old Crow Medicine Show (Woody and OCMS’ Gill Landry used to tour the country in their own jugband), and they’re the key to Woody...
’s intensely catchy rhythms, jumpy lyrics, and wildly delirious sense of fun. Woody traveled all over the streets of this country, road testing his songs, drawing from the catchiest elements of the music he loved and adding in hopped-up vintage electrification to get that old country dancehall sound down right.
That’s why the songs on his new self-titled release WOODY PINES (released May 28 on underground label Muddy Roots Recordings) are so hot. This is gonzo folk music, the kind of raise-the-rafters, boot-shakin’ jump blues that used to be banging out of juke joints all over the South in the late 1940s, but now it’s burning into the earholes of a younger generation of Nashville kids, all looking for music with deep roots and something to hang on to.
It’s tempting to call Woody Pine’s newest music “rockabilly,” and in fact he recorded the new album at Sputnik Studios in Nashville, famous for recording rockabilly and psych-twang heroes JD McPherson, Jack White, and Sturgill Simpson. But it might be more accurate to call Woody’s new songs “hillbilly boogie;” a rarely remembered genre of American music made famous by the Delmore Brothers. Hillbilly boogie sits at the exact moment when the buzzed- out, electrified hillbilly country music of Appalachia (which itself drew heavily from country blues), first hit the sawdust-floored honky-tonks of old Nashville and Memphis. It was the moment exactly before the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Woody writes with a wink to this critical time on songs like “Anything for Love” and “New Nashville Boogie,” drawing in modern references at will to make his points. He also dives deep into the tradition, drawing up gems like the old gangsta- folk song “Make It to the Woods” from the Mississippi Sheiks. In Woody’s music, there’s never an idea that roots music should be a recreation of an older time. Instead, he taps the vein of this music that’s still beating today, finding common ground with the old hucksters and bar-hounds who created the music in the first place.
When Woody Pines sings “when the train rolls by, I get a faceful of rain,” this isn’t some hipster dilettante twisting a faux-handlebar mustache and singing about old-timey railroads, this is a dedicated student of Woody Guthrie who used to hop freight trains to get from town to town. This is serious roots music that’s as much a way of life as an aesthetic choice. This music isn’t for dabblers; you gotta feel it in your bones. Let Woody Pines help.


Jez Hellard & the Djukella Orchestra 

Live Glenbuchat Hall
Friday 8th Dec 19.30
Tickets £10 under 16s free
To reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303
Email :

  About Jez Hellard
Jez Hellard is a singer of potent songs, fine guitarist and simply stunning harmonica player. His band, The Djukella Orchestra, play traditional and contemporary folk music, from jigs, reels and ballads to tango, rhumba and even reggae. Featuring one of the most captivating double-bassists you`re likely to see and some of the finest instrumentalists on the UK folk scene, their blend of virtuoso musicianship, witty political comment and a deep repertoire of powerful songs never fails to turn heads. Since...
hitting the road full time in 2005, Jez has played well over a thousand gigs; from the Glastonbury Festival to the North Country Fair, New York to Taipei, Istanbul to the Iberian Peninsular, gaining fans far and wide.
“Ridiculously enjoyable… an unequivocal thumbs up.” Folk Radio UK
“Beautifully crafted and stunningly delivered… a staggering jigsaw of musical invention and a sonorous voice that drags you into every song.”  As a harmonica player, he`s renowned as an adept improviser in most styles of music and loves to be put on the spot, either on stage or in the studio.




Live at Glenbuchat Hall
Friday 18th May
Entrance £10 under 16's free
To reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303

Snuffbox are an acoustic trio, based in Glasgow, featuring Charlie Stewart on fiddle, Rufus Huggan on cello and Luc McNally on guitar and vocals. Mixing traditional tunes with contemporary flair, as well as quirky, original material, Snuffbox melds old and new to create entirely their own sound.
Charlie Stewart is currently a member of Dosca as well as Techno Trad Collective Sketch and has won the final of the young Traditional Musician of The Year which took place during Celtic Connections 2017.
Luc McNally – also a member of Sketch and Dosca is very much in demand as a player on the burgeoning trad scene in Scotland.
Rufus – currently studying at RCS in Glasgow, also very much in demand as a player.
a chance to hear some of the very best young guys on the scene in Scotland today.


The Jenny Sturgeon Trio with Charlie Mckerron and Jonny Hardie

Friday 12th Oct 19.30hrs

Live at Glenbuchat hall
 Entrance £10 under 16's free
To Reserve tickets in advance call 01975641303
email :

"Jenny Sturgeon is a singer-songwriter who brings together the old and new with a rare skill" R2 Magazine. The inspiration for Jenny's lyrics comes from folklore, historical events and personal experience, and having trained as a biologist her enthusiasm for nature creeps in to all her work.
Jenny plays in a trio with Jonny Hardie (Old Blind Dogs) and Charlie McKerron (Capercaillie, Session A9),

"A seriously potent creative force"
Loudon Temple

"Musically superb, absolutely fascinating and utterly charming"

"Two of the finest ambassadors in the north east... gorgeous music...fantastic!"
Mary-Ann Kennedy, live at Edinburgh Festival 2016 on BBC radio 3 World on 3